Why is Baxter funding Save Win Club Because I can.  SWC is a system that helps people build financial freedom.
 What is a Marshmallow Test? Great question, it's the point of SWC.  Good decisions build on good decisions.  Click here to read more.
Do you have to put money in each month? No.  Memberships stay active as long as you do.
What's the Catch? No catch, just a guy running the best club you will ever join because it's fun and why not?  Click Here to see my blog post to all the Doubters.
Can I buy multiple memberships? Yes, but we limit each transaction to 50 memberships.
Can I really get a refund? Absolutely, If you are unhappy for any reason at all (like if your tire is flat, ask us for a refund to pay for a new tire.  Seriously).  We will work to get you the refund in hours via PayPal.
What are the odds of winning?

Email me if you want to know the exact odds (b@savewin.com) or you can check out the drawing videos to see each days odds.

Is there a cap to how many memberships you can buy?

Yes, we don't want to see anybody with more than 950 memberships.  If you have that much cash, you need to put your money in a bank or other financial institution.  

How does Save Win Club make money? At the moment, the Club makes a little bit of money on the transaction fee and I am personally funding all of the Club's expenses.  I will notify all of the members by email and offer you a refund before I change anything.