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Systems are more important than Goals.

Goals are great.  Everybody should have goals, they help us stay focused and can provide guiding lights through all of the noise of daily life.  

But systems are what allow certain people to excel and more importantly, certain cities / countries to perform much better than others.  

Save Win Club talks about goals because they are concrete.  But if you watch the systems we're helping members build... 

you will see the "Juice" of what we're doing here.

Key Systems for Financial Freedom:

1.  Learn how to Learn.

2.  Build your Marketable Skills.  

3.  Find your Peace. You are not a victim, you can overcome. Your attitude is one of the few things in life you actually get to choose.

4.  Find your best job. Figure out what you're good at doing AND enjoy doing.  Figure out how to make you or your boss more money. Focus on building, be consistent, be dependable, and be ready for challenges. If it were easy, everyone would succeed.

5.  Always spend less than you make.

More on this later.

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Why banks charge such high fees for low dollar accounts.

Banks are in the business of making money.  Same can be said for every business. Save Win Club wants to make money because if we make money we can do more for our members.  

Banks are very regulated, which is why the US has the best banking system in the world.  FDIC and other insurance programs are vital to protecting your money.

But all of that regulation comes at a cost.  Small dollar checking and savings accounts cost the banks money to keep them open, which is why banks charge fees on most accounts with less than $5-$9K.



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