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Baxter Lee First SWC Savings Coach

I am proud to be SWC's first Savings Coach.  I am no Guru, no monk, I have almost no certifications, but I have a lot of life experience that has guided me. 

My dad was an entrepreneur, and my mom supported my dad in the early days as a Biology School Teacher.  Education, not only what happens in schools, was the single greatest gift my parents gave me and they taught me a lot!  My dad taught me about P&L's, sales, and how free enterprise works.  And both my parents loved talking about History.    

One of the best lessons: I got to tour East Germany shortly after the Berlin wall fell, and I remember it vividly.  Communism is a terrible system that built walls to trap people in, like a prison.  I promised myself I would never be a part of any system that trapped people and gave them no options.  

I worked a lot of summers and was quite the saver as a kid, I bought my first stock in roughly 1995 (early part of High School) but am most proud of buying Apple Stock when Steve Jobs came back (~1997).  That was one my best investments and I still have some shares today!  

I didn't win on all of my investments, but my time and money are my own, and Save Win Club is how I like to spend some of it.  I 100% stand behind SWC with everything I have to make sure that every customer is either 100% happy or gets a full refund. 

You can find out more about me on my linkedIn page here, or you can email me baxter@savewin.com or call me (c) (615) 638-1178.  Thank you for reading my initial blog series, I hope you enjoy it and decide to join Save Win Club.

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