When you board an airplane, you are trusting your life to the pilot,
the maintenance person who keeps the plane running
the engineer who designed the plane
the engineer who built the plane
the software that runs the plane

And you trust all those people with your life because Air travel is the safest travel built upon the 4 Distinctions of Trust.


Sincerity, Reliability, Competence and Care. 

I'm not asking you to trust Save Win Club with your life, or even your life savings.  

I'm asking you to trust Save Win Club with $10 because everybody has $10.

Start small, see that we are Sincere, Reliable, Competent and Care!

If you're unhappy for any reason we'll refund your money within hours through PayPal.  Not weeks, but hours because Save Win Club has service that would make your grandmother proud.  

Join Today or better yet, sign up for a subscription by clicking here


Save Win Club is simple.  

I mean really simple. Remember learning to walk?  No?  Me neither, but that's how simple we want to make SWC.  So simple, you don't even remember how you started saving so much money.  You will be saving money, walking, AND chewing gum before you know it.  

Now that's simple.  Kind of like that Piggy Bank You had as a kid that wasn't a real bank or a real pig, but it helped you out.  

Join Save Win Club today and stop missing out on our sweepstakes.  

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Baxter Lee First SWC Savings Coach

I am proud to be SWC's first Savings Coach.  I am no Guru, no monk, I have almost no certifications, but I have a lot of life experience that has guided me. 

My dad was an entrepreneur, and my mom supported my dad in the early days as a Biology School Teacher.  Education, not only what happens in schools, was the single greatest gift my parents gave me and they taught me a lot!  My dad taught me about P&L's, sales, and how free enterprise works.  And both my parents loved talking about History.    

One of the best lessons: I got to tour East Germany shortly after the Berlin wall fell, and I remember it vividly.  Communism is a terrible system that built walls to trap people in, like a prison.  I promised myself I would never be a part of any system that trapped people and gave them no options.  

I worked a lot of summers and was quite the saver as a kid, I bought my first stock in roughly 1995 (early part of High School) but am most proud of buying Apple Stock when Steve Jobs came back (~1997).  That was one my best investments and I still have some shares today!  

I didn't win on all of my investments, but my time and money are my own, and Save Win Club is how I like to spend some of it.  I 100% stand behind SWC with everything I have to make sure that every customer is either 100% happy or gets a full refund. 

You can find out more about me on my linkedIn page here, or you can email me or call me (c) (615) 638-1178.  Thank you for reading my initial blog series, I hope you enjoy it and decide to join Save Win Club.

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The Mission

Outline for our mission and basic background for Save Win Club.

Read entire article.

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