Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom will mean something

different to everybody.

Some people just want to be out of debt.

Some people want it all, and I mean everything.  Diamonds, fur coats, giant homes, fancy cars, private jets...

For me, Financial Freedom is seeing a sun rise and knowing that I have the resources to chose how I spend that day.  Time is more important to me than any amount of money. 

That's Financial Freedom to me,

what's Financial Freedom for you?

Comments (17):

Florena Luna on

It would mean not worring where your next meal is going to come from. Knowing that it will be ok,even when times are hard. That the sunshine is not that far.

Florena Luna on

It would mean not worring where your next meal is going to come from. Knowing that it will be ok,even when times are hard. That the sunshine is not that far.

Tara Sue on

I thought that to me, financial freedom pretty much meant having enough money to where I wouldn’t have to worry any longer about how I am going to pay the bills. Every bill for me right now is a stressor, wondering what I have to short in order to have enough to pay the one currently due. But just now, I read what financial freedom meant in your eyes. “Seeing the sunrise and knowing that I have the resources to choose how I spend the day.” Reading that, picturing it literally just put a smile on my face. That is what I want. That says it just perfectly. :)

Alexis on

Baxtor Lee said it best…in his words is a lesson to be learned for many to take in. His idea of financial freedom should be one of those famed quotes to be shared with people around the world to appreciate and gain new perspective on how they live life!

Kayann Campbell on

Financial freedom to me means not having to worry about rent, utilities, credit card, college fees, savings, health, happiness and food. It would be good to wake up every morning knowing I don’t have to worry about how I am going to get this bill paid. I would be nice being able to save even $5 a day…. I can’t wait for the day I am finally financially free

Lucy on

Financial Freedom to me means that you aren’t in a struggling position, and you can take care of everything you need financially without any problems.

Aubrea Rodriguez on

Not worrying weather we will have a place to live through the holidays. Being able to pay my bills. Have clothes on my kids, my car being in working condition

Felicia hatley on

Financial freedom….spending each day making memories with my family without the stress of finances. Giving my family everything they need and giving my children the best childhood possible!

Sherrie on

Financial Freedom would mean being out of debt and having enough money coming in each month to pay all my bills with money left over for unexpected expenses. I do not need a lot of money to be happy. I would just like enough to do what I need to do without worrying about it.

Aisha L Oliver on

Financial freedom to me is being able to wake up with my husband everyday and just be able to get up and go! Go do whatever we’d like to do without our phone’s,or mine ringing off the hook from Bill collectors. Not having to worry about paying our Rent & Utilities or car payment! I was Always told not by my mom or dad but by my grandparents to save,you need to have a savings. What if’s Always happen and i found that out the hard way,I don’t want to have to go through that anymore at my age! In just one year’s time of me busting my butt working we set a goal of $10,000 to have a down payment on our first house together! Well,needless to say that what if came. My health suffered and now I can no longer work,my husband is permanently disabled and that savings is keeping us going right now. Financial freedom is not sitting home stressing out every single day,going to bed not worrying about who’s going to call tomorrow wanting money for a bill,unpaid credit card bill or something else! Financial freedom is just being able to get up and go without worrying because we can… That’s financial freedom to me

susan a Watson on

to be able to pay my bills, have the surgery I been postponed, or be able to buy new pair of shoes when needed, or car repaired, I cant do any of these things right now

Flavia on

We have similar ideas.

Sarah on

I like you thought with the sunrise and knowing that you have the financial freedom to do what you want to with that day. I feel that financial freedom to me would be similar. Single Mama here so, to be able to have an $800 car repair that pops up out of nowhere and be able to cover it without worrying which bill will have to get pushed back. Also just to be able to travel when I want to, not necessarily to far, far away place, but we have family in other states and it would be nice to just decide to go one day and know that financially it made sense.

vera king on

Financial freedom to me is waking every morning without worry of housing, utilities,food or clothing 😁 Its the little things I love the most

April S Bradford on

To me Financial freedom is waking up knowing my family and I will be ok know that there is food in our fridge and clothes on our backs and the means to live comfortably in a home we know we wont lose


Financial FREEDOM, is just like it sounds…Freedom from the burdens of finances.

For me, that means that I can wake up in the morning and go to sleep WITHOUT having anxiety FOR ONCE.

It’s being able to feel happiness without any lingering dread that whatever fun youre having, youre gonna have to work your ass off to pay for it later.
It does NOT mean that you stop being thrifty, if you were before…it just means true comfort for me.
Ive NEVER had this in my entire life.
Not as a child or an adult.
Ive crawled my way up to get to what I have acheived, but I would love it, if one day I could just wake up and be Happy.

This means I wont have to juggle bills bc theyll all be taken care of, I wont have to scrape together change for my gas at the end of the month, I wont have to pick just one medical expense a month (dental, eyes, ears, reg visits) to take my kids and I to, bc Ill be able to afford it all.
I wish I knew what it felt like to wake up and not feel scared about everything….all of the time, just falling apart around me.

What does it feel like….to just wake up and get a coffee, and just KNOW that I could do whatever I want, because for once, I have the means to do so????

Elisha Felts on

Financial Freedom to me would mean not having to choose which bill to pay and still have money to feed my family. It means being able to pay all my bills and have grocery money.

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