Subscriptions are the best way to build memberships over time.

There is no ongoing cost to a membership, but subscriptions add more memberships each month. 

That is, if you purchase 10 memberships a month, you will have 120 after 12 months. 

SWC offers these Subscription options through PayPal, because the customer is in complete control through your PayPal login.

Click or tap on the link you want, and PayPal will set you up.

30 Memberships / Month ($320) is Boss.  Be a Boss.

20 Memberships / Month ($215) is Elite

10 memberships / month ($110) is our best option

5 memberships / month ($55) is solid

Payday memberships - every other week.  Make it easy on your cash flow, line it up with your payday and choose your number.

Monthly - you choose the number.  Good way to start, but has a $2 set up fee.  

Each membership gives you a chance to enter into all SWC sweepstakes and a front row seat to the daily Marshmallow test.

Maybe that's why people are saying SWC is better and more fun than a Gym membership.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom will mean something

different to everybody.

Some people just want to be out of debt.

Some people want it all, and I mean everything.  Diamonds, fur coats, giant homes, fancy cars, private jets...

For me, Financial Freedom is seeing a sun rise and knowing that I have the resources to chose how I spend that day.  Time is more important to me than any amount of money. 

That's Financial Freedom to me,

what's Financial Freedom for you?

Why join the daily Fun at Save Win Club?

We both want you to win your day.

I want 10 seconds of your time everyday to remind us both:

Each day is a blessing.  

Make the most of it.

Carpe Diem.  


Positive coaching for everybody 


Improve your daily routines,

Improve your talent stack,

Build your way to Financial Freedom.  


I keep it simple, easy and effective.

Baxter Lee

(c) 615-638-1178

Marshmallow Test - get More tomorrow

The idea is simple - People who can defer Joy, are more successful and generally enjoy their lives more.  The Good news is that everyone can learn this skill.

It's called the marshmallow test because generally all kiddos love marshmallows.  The key is to find something that people like and offer them 1 today or 2 tomorrow.  It's that simple.  If you chose 1 today, we need to talk.  If you chose 2 tomorrow, you are on the right path.    

Save Win Club runs daily Marshmallow tests.  We offer Grown ups Money, because Everybody loves Money.  Money can become whatever you want, it's a great store of value and a great way to show our members each week the right path.

After 30-60 days in the system, SWC members pass the marshmallow test ~90% of the time.

Simplicity and Repetition are powerful. 

Save Win club is powerful and effective.

If you want to learn more about this great test, please click below:

NPR - I love this article because like all things, it's more complicated than stated above.  It's helpful to start with the simplest and if people want to dig deeper provide more.

Netflix - Justin Willman is very funny.  highly recommend.    

Or you can read the whole book by Walter Mischel here:



100 years ago, there were maybe 100 gyms in the U.S.A.

Now, there are 1,000’s of Gyms in Nashville alone.

What changed?    A lot.

Starting in the 1980's, gym memberships exploded.  

People started paying to join Gyms because they saw the value.


Now, Save Win club memberships are simple like Barbells.  

Nothing Fancy, and 1 rep is almost useless.  

But daily repeated effort will build serious muscle.


Same goes for Save Win club memberships. 

Nothing happens overnight, but daily progress compounds

And before you know it, you are on your way to financial freedom.  


Start today, build memberships every week, every other week, or monthly.

Give yourself a chance to win, but more importantly.

get yourself on the right path.  


Save Win club explained

Everybody wants Financial Freedom. Everybody.

Save Win Club uses a simple proven approach focusing on daily habits and better decision making to improve your life. 

Daily Habits are the best predictor of future success.  SWC uses the daily email to help anchor your day around a 10 second habit that can help you conquer your day.

The Daily Marshmallow test uses repetition and simplicity to improve members decision making.  People learn best by doing, even if vicarious.  Every day members ask themselves if they would pass the marshmallow test.  After 30-60 days, 90+% of member pass the marshmallow test. 

70% of Americans do not have $1K in savings.  SWC equips members with better daily habits and decision making to help SWC memberships attain that minimum level of wealth. 

Simplicity and Repetition are powerful. 

Save Win club is powerful and effective.

Best way to Learn?

Some people can learn by reading a book.

Most people learn by doing.

Like tying your shoes, very few can watch a video and then tie their shoes. 

At Save Win Club, we offer a simple, easy and effective way to improve your ability to pass marshmallow tests. 

Join the daily email, watch the daily winners to see if they pass, and be ready for your day to chose.  What will you chose?

Join the Club once you are ready to Build Financial Freedom.

Asset or Liability?

Are SWC memberships an Asset or Liability?

Assets produce income.

Liabilities consume money.

SWC memberships cost money to initially purchase, but there is no ongoing fee or expense to maintain them.

Memberships are simple like bricks. 1 is fun, but 100 can build you a path.

For each membership,

there is a chance to win $100 everyday AND $1K every Wednesday.

What do you think?  Asset or Liability?

Post in the comment below, on twitter or email me.  I love feedback.